Prodotti Basaltina
The products of Basaltina Srl cannot be imitated or plagiarized because it is absolutely natural. Its structure and colour is the result of the confluence of lava, fire, earth and time. The lava which spewed out of the volcano eventually settled on the plains and once it had cooled it hardened to naturally form the ore rock we now know as Basaltina, with it its distinctive grey colour.

The products of  Basaltina Srl quarried in Bagnoregio comes in two different types: Basaltina® Classico and Basaltina® Selcino. Each has its own specific use and market.
Basaltina® Classico is characterized by its inimitable stratified porosity and uniform texture, created by the slow release of active gases and the long period required to cool the lava. This means that this type of stone can only be quarried by respecting the unique orientation  of its porosity.

The cooling time for the lava that produced Basaltina® Selcino was shorter, creating a different texture; its pores were stablished at random. In the quarried stone this produces a dynamic and surprising effect. 
Basaltina® Classico
Basaltina® Classico
Basaltina® Classico,
with its unmistakable horizontal stratification, conveys...
Basaltina® Selcino
Basaltina® Selcino
In contrast, Basaltina® Selcino epitomizes the sleek minimalism of the modern world...
Ispirazioni Architettoniche
Decorative Art
The trademark Basaltina® is constantly innovating and taking on...